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...where talent, memories and imagination merge...

I’m often asked, “Where is Eagle Bay?”  My answer is simple…I made it up. 

Late one night in my studio as I was beginning to work on the sketch for a new painting, I began to wonder – where would I be “standing” as I painted the scene – and how would each of my paintings relate to the others?  To find the answers, I turned to the white board and began to sketch the map, placing each of the images right where it belonged around the perfect imaginary bay.

A while later when my wife, Donna, brought me a cup of tea, she suggested that I develop the map and name the community where all of my paintings would find a home.  Thus, Eagle Bay was born…from my imagination, that sketch and a late night visit from my favorite muse.

And so, from creeks and streams and waterfalls to farms and road side stands…from covered bridges to weathered barns, Eagle Bay provides the perfect backdrop for my first stop Around the Lake. 

​When all 23 paintings in the collection were complete and before I moved out of the bay, I painted the bay from the eagle’s eye view.  I called that painting, “Portrait of Eagle Bay”.  It contains a vignette of each of the images in the collection exactly where I had placed it on the original map.  

Portrait of Eagle Bay

​The first stop in my journey Around The Lake™ is just beyond the lighthouse - off the Main Lake - in and around the imaginary town of Eagle Bay. 

Map of Old Orchard Island

​The story of  "Around the Lake"

...Eagle Bay and Old Orchard Island...

Old Orchard Island™ is located a bit south and just a little east of Eagle Bay and can be reached by auto, ferry, train or plane.  

The first image from Old Orchard Island - Apple Express - features the Eagle Bay Short Line Depot - connecting the island to Eagle Bay.   

When painting Antique Barn, I decided it had been a while since farming on the island could sustain a growing family, so I turned their beloved barn into a country antique store. Stop by Treasures, Trucks and Tractors...there's something for everyone.

When I completed all of the images for Eagle Bay, I decided to move out into the main lake and let my mind do a little exploring.  I landed on Old Orchard Island...imaginary as well.  

Map of Eagle Bay